EO Silicon Valley is proud of the world class events that we put on for our members.  Below you can see the currently scheduled list of events.  If you aren’t a member and would like to join one of our events and you meet the membership requirements fill out the contact form below to be contacted by our chapter administrator or membership chair.  If you are a member, please sign-up for the event on the EO Global website linked below.

DateTimeEvent TypeEvent Info
09/25/2020 - 09/25/202006:00 PM - 09:00 PMSocialJeffersonian Style Virtual DinnerTopics: TBD and Assigned by Organizer To increase the social aspect during these times of physical distancing, EOSV will deliver all of the ingredients for a delicious healthy dinner for you and your significant other. We will either be hiring a catering firm or delivering raw ingredients that have simple instructions for baking/preparing. You will be assigned to a random table of no more than 14 members. Bonding is the connectedness between people who are like each other; bridging is the connectedness between people across differences. The best groups will have some degree of bonding social capital (EO Member & SO), but should predominantly be people who don’t necessarily have pre-existing relationships. The event will start with everybody going around the room sharing a personal reflection on the question that was posed ahead of the dinner. Try to connect with your personal passions around the topic. There is only one rule for the conversation: A Jeffersonian style dinner is one in which you have one shared conversation during the entire meal across all people at the table. When one person is talking, the entire table listens. That’s 8 to 14 minds one topic; it’s powerful and unique. This will continue for 90-120 minutes, facilitated by one of the members at the table. In the end, each member will be given an opportunity to share something that they learned, an idea that was especially inspiring or an item they plan to follow-up on in some way. ** SO's can either participate at the member's table or join their own table if they are looking to meet and socialize with others.