Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson

I feel compelled to paint a picture of why and how I’m unique. Yes, I’ve built and sold a company, built a second company, worked for others, and been part of the Entrepreneurs Organization for over a decade. I’ve informally coached others with great success, but these are the basic checkboxes for anyone you seek to hire to help you grow your business. That’s not what sets me apart. I have a very particular style and incredible strengths in several key areas.


I think very quickly and clearly in not just everyday situations, but also complex and emotionally charged situations. Think a world-class E.R. doctor in a crisis situation, only I synthesize the world around me in this manner all the time. Competing interests, complex emotions, years of lack of process or cohesion can all create tensions, positive and negative, that make it difficult to move forward. I’m masterful at unwinding these situations.


I absorb large amounts of information easily. I can synthesize and bring people together under one shared reality. I say “reality” because my strength is in addressing facts candidly. I have a knack for going for the heart of a problem in a way that even those most opposed to reality can take a deep breath and see what’s before them. You cannot run a business on anything but reality.


If we desire change, we inevitably must have candid, sometimes uncomfortable conversations with ourselves, our team, or our company. I am skilled at taking in competing interests and passionate emotions. I can digest these and guide a group to a cohesion, leaving no stone unturned.


Board Member, Learning Chair